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A Walk by a Stream

Today was the day; I had been saying for weeks that I would go for a walk and get some exercise. Finally, one day, I put on my tennis shoes and warm winter coat. I rummaged around the house for my keys and checked my many pockets to make sure I had what I needed. 

Before leaving the house I shouted, “I love you kitties!”

Then, I was hit with sharp cold air, and as I inhaled, my chest twinged with pain. I wouldn’t let this stop me though, because as soon as I walked out that door the dreary but beautiful sky captivated me and I could not turn back. Lucky for me it was not raining, but I could see dark clouds rolling in off in the distance. I knew then that I better make it quickly to the walking trail I so loved. One that weaved through the city like a beautiful snake and provided everyone the chance to walk, jog, or bike through nature. 

 I left my street and came to the entrance of the path feeling excited as I heard the cold wind blow through the seemingly endless amount of trees. This harmonious rhythm was interrupted by the splashing and flowing sounds of the local creek. I quickly walked up to the first wooden bridge and looked down into the water. It was not clear enough to see my reflection, but what I could see were every kind of shape of rock you could imagine and loose leaves gently floating. 

I turned around and looked over the other side of the bridge. I noticed a few ducks were slowly swimming and quacking. This put a smile on my face as I stood there for a few minutes admiring them. One particularly large one fluffed its feathers and I wondered if they were as soft as they looked. I then reminded myself that I was here for a walk, not to gawk at birds. 

So, as I continued on the trail, I kept an ear out to listen to the sound of the creek as it flowed and crashed over rocks. I didn’t need my headphones, all I wanted was to listen to what was around me and find some peace. After just a few minutes of keeping pace and taking in my surroundings, I felt like I could truly breathe again.

 At the end of the trail, I took a sip of water from my metallic water bottle and I swear it was the most delicious thing I have ever tasted. It provided refreshment and helped me cool down after such a long and brisk walk. I then looked over at the creek one last time to say goodbye as I made my way back home. 

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