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I feel like the list of things I need to do for this publishing process keeps getting longer, lol.

  • Publish it!

  • Decide where to publish (i.e. Amazon KDP, Apple Books, Barnes & Noble Press, etc.)



  • Check out Reedsy Discovery to get book reviews after publishing

  • Add acknowledgments

  • Upload book through EPUB to have it formatted before submitting the book to Amazon or any other platform.

  • Participate in the “search inside this book” program on amazon

  • Use Amazon KDP

  • Use GoodReads after publishing:

  • Add a disclaimer to the book about violence and suicide as well as look at how and what to include in a disclaimer. Since it is fiction the characters and situations are not tied to any person or event.

  • Look at this book promotions site options:

  • Try booktok

  • Make a book trailer

  • Write a Sequel in the meantime

  • The list will go on and on as the publishing time gets close

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