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Submitted This Synopsis to Reedsy Discovery to Hopefully Get a Written Review

Seemingly out of nowhere a mass shapeshifting event happened around the world. Where human beings were instantly transformed into indistinguishable blank figures. In an attempt to describe what these ominous figures looked like a few of the characters ridiculously referred to them as bubble figures. Instead, these changed humans looked like the figures you see on bathroom doors indicating which gender each bathroom is for. Distorted Purposes opens by describing this phenomenon happening in the small fictional college town of Calbury, Pennsylvania. Where a group of individuals was spared this fate for reasons unknown to them as they set out to find answers to this problem. What Grace, Danny, Jacklyn, Henry, and Cam uncovered was a heinous plan devised by two government officials who finally brought everyone back to their regular selves after being discovered. Using the People Morphing Plan they extorted world leaders by the threat of changing them back into “bubble figures,” via an enhanced computer. The goal was to manipulate humankind into making positive strides in various human rights and needs while also making an effort towards saving the environment but that didn’t stop the blueprints for the technology from being stolen.

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