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The Ingredient for Superpowers

Didn't get this story done in time for a Reedsy prompt submission. The prompt was, "Write a story that involves a secret or a magic ingredient." Now it is not typically like me to start and not finish but my idea with this one was that magic mushrooms were found by a dinner host that was used in a dinner to give him and his guests their desired superpowers. Here is a bit of what I wrote before I got distracted and didn't finish the story.

His birthday was coming up and instead of letting his friends and family cook for him, he decided to be the chef. What he really wanted to avoid was the half-burnt food his aunt always made. Venturing into the forest to forage for mushrooms he came across a peculiar patch of mushrooms that he did not recognize. In the pale morning light, they looked to be a shade of violet. He extended his long hand down to pick one up and inspect it. He studied it as he brought it up closer to his grey-blue eyes. When he was about to put it in his sack a voice called out from one of the trees.

“Haven’t seen a Halshar mushroom before have you?”

Zuriel looked up and saw a short woman in a flowy blue dress looking down at him with curiosity. Zuriel responded kindly,

“This is a Halshar mushroom? I thought they weren’t supposed to be real.”

The tan and middle-aged woman started to descend from the upper branches. When she got to the forest floor in front of Zuriel she extended her hand and said,

“I am Astra and you are sir?”

Shanking her firm hand he replied,

“My name is Zuriel.”

“Zuriel, that’s a nice name.”

Astra took the mushroom from Zuriel’s hand and pointed at its top.

“This here isn’t your standard mushroom.”

Zuriel laughed and said,

“Don’t tell me it is a magical mushroom. I mean I would like to believe so but I think I would be wrong.”

“Well that is exactly what this mushroom is, it has magical properties.”

“Well maybe I will take some, it can’t hurt right?”

“It shouldn’t but be mindful of the effects.”

She really meant that he should be mindful because it is the mind that chooses the outcome.

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