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An excerpt from the upcoming sequel to Distorted Purposes

They walked backward waiting to see what would happen. After all, no one thought it was possible to be transformed like that with just a click of a button on a computer. Grain got into the position he was told by Lenore to stand in and spread his arms out from his body anxiously waiting to become what they all feared. He wasn’t thrilled about doing this because the initial shake before transforming was uncomfortable. Lenore imputed the information into the computer and started the process. First Grain became a morphed figure and then Lenore manipulated his distorted arms to point towards the white pine piece of wood. Suddenly a volt of electricity erupted from Grain and set the log ablaze. Everyone screeched in terror and amazement. Lenore typed the stop code in and the bolts were no longer being produced. Not really knowing what to do, a handful of the soldiers that had seen this started clapping.

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