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I am no song writer

I wrote this song into the novella I am working on. Stay tuned for any updates about my story The Warning Applause.

Where do I begin?

When I am stuck inside my mind

Blind to your shine

Trapped in the dark

You wait for me to come back to you

I take my time but you wait patiently

As you sit down beside me and usher me back

I listen to you and release myself from the fog

As the mist of my vision dissipates, I glimpse at your grace

You praise me for my strength

I ask myself if I deserve it

As if you read my thoughts you chase away my doubt

You pull me gently to my feet from the cold ground

Pull at the power within me that I had lost

You cupped your hands around my saddened face

My frown then turned into a smile for the first time in so long

You drew me into an embrace

I didn’t know how much I had missed your sweet touch

You rub my back slowly, saying nothing

I don’t speak either but I know that I am me again

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