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Morgan's Creative Writing Blog

Writing is my Passion

Welcome to Morgan's Creative Writing Blog, my very own passion project filled with unique and engaging content. Explore my site and all that I have to offer; perhaps Morgan's Creative Writing Blog will ignite your own passion for writing as well.

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Distorted Purposes can be found through this link. 

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I am no song writer

I wrote this song into the novella I am working on. Stay tuned for any updates about my story The Warning Applause. Where do I begin?...

The Ingredient for Superpowers

Didn't get this story done in time for a Reedsy prompt submission. The prompt was, "Write a story that involves a secret or a magic...

Tentative Publishing Date

The number fourteen is my favorite number and I want to publish it in September. So, my plan is to send it in to Amazon KDP and...

The Release of a Sunset

It had been too long since Tracy had gone outside to truly take in the beauty of the sunset. So, after coaxing herself outside she looked...

Diamonds in My Dreams

Had an odd dream last night where diamond shards fell from the sky and everyone had to hide out in various buildings. I have to do...

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